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Say Chzzz, please.

Say Chzzz, please

My friends and husband always say I take to many pictures……they are right! I just cant stand to miss that one time when I should have had my camera ready. Its what being a mom is all about, watching your children grow and being able to look back when the world just seems not just right. I can check back and remember why everything is why it is. My husband should be happy to know that one day I will be able to hold my sanity because he takes the spot next to me on the couch every day and there are pictures to be flipped through.

 The two pieces of my heart:

(we love being on the boat too.)

But I love other things too, like food, and lots of it! It what makes the world go round. Set along side a glass of Moscato and my friends, nothing can be wrong with the world.

Especially when it comes to this, my “most favorite what I would eat on the last day of my life given the choice” meal. Pot Roast. Enough said.


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